Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angel of Light

Photo by Star_Lit_Beauty/Deviantart

Angel of Light – please help me express
what you asked me to adequately...
Without making a confusing mess
of a way that could help set us free

Where to begin?  I’m not a teacher
I am a seeker, not a preacher...
 “Pass on what you know” has haunted me
With a deep breath I set my truth free

I’ll explain a path made clear to me
Through energy curiosity.
 I’ve tried to do it eloquently
In a hope it will help more to see

Please light the way to help see past the words
Fire curiosity for the ‘absurd’
Please help it reach all those that could gain
So the love that’s sent isn’t in vain

For the good of all – let it be.

(Excerpt from Light)